First Pictures of the baby to be known as Zoe Lee Cassell

HomeFreshly Minted
Dad cuts the cord Covered in Cheese Left foot... Right foot...
In all her glory Big and pink Not terribly happy Getting official Documenting the weight
Mom's first touch Nice couple Bundled tight Aunt Vicki meets ? Grandma and Granddaughter #2
Grandmom and Grandchild #12 Grandpa An awfully proud papa Aunt Vicki can't get enough
15 February 2006

Grandma gets close Dad cuts the cordVery proud and for a good reason Left foot...Peaceful Right foot...and cudly
In all her gloryOur Angel Zoe Big and pinkBridget visits Zoe Not terribly happySpending time with Mommy Getting officialTime to lose the mimi Documenting the weightNow what
Mom's first touchBridget gives Zoe a kiss Nice coupleZoe on her new blanket Bundled tightThanks Mammaw! Aunt Vicki meets ?Very comfy Grandma and Granddaughter #2You've gotta love that face
Grandmom and Grandchild #12Very PrettyO.k., time to cuddle up and go to sleep GrandpaThis works for me I think I'll just hang out here An awfully proud papaAngel Aunt Vicki can't get enoughHey this is even more comfy
16-17 February 2006